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Folio Samples for Explainer Video Bounty

Hey SuperHi team! I would love to take on this bounty because I've followed the company since the basic income application, and Bounties looks like a platform I think could become foundational to people in the creator economy.


I've run a small content studio in San Diego since 2017 where it started as a web design company. After about a year it transitioned to PPC funnel building as the click funnels craze took off, and then finally settled into content creation + strategy towards the end of 2019 (Just in time for covid 🤪).

It's been an interesting roller coaster but I've gained loads of experience editing social media content along the way and I've included a product explainer video in the folio link as well. I'm confident I can provide a deliverable you'll be excited about.


Hairpeace Pro Explainer