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Don't worry, Starting your own business is not as bad as you think!

We know it seems scary but it truly as hard as YOU make it, so here is a brief talk on some things you should do to make you business faster and easier.

For our first blog we really wanted to dive into some things really important but massively looked over when it comes to building your business. Between people trying to make a quick buck and eager young entrepreneurs looking to be the CEOs of those million dollar companies A LOT of people lose the fundamentals of starting successful businesses by skipping steps that could save them time, money, and maybe even heartache. Here are some basic business tips to help guide you through the world of business.

1. Take Your Time in choosing your business

Now we know everyone says "Just do it" or "yolo" smh BUT why rush into something you may not be happy doing down the road? Couldn't that be considered a waste of time or thousands of dollars you put into creating a business that will not serve your purpose? Take some time in understanding if you could truly do that one thing for the rest of your life? or at least something you could consistently commit yourself to fully in order to fulfill your business goals?

2. Keep it simple

It's early on the list but this is a big one for you creators out there. Don't do too much in your start, yes the flashiness is hard to resist but it's also HARD TO MAINTAIN. at least in the beginning for some and we think the biggest reason is businesses do too much to compete with others that have already found there formula. Don't get caught up in that. Keep it simple by starting small and building as you go. Nobody is saying go at any pace other then your own, go your pace and take small steps everyday towards building your brand.

3. Don't stop

Here is another BIG tip that is going to surprise a few of you but...FAIL, it's OK.

Failure is actually a huge part of business because if you didn't fail then you wouldn't really learn what it takes to succeed. See people think that if something fails that it's wrong and it very well could be OR it could be off timing, no organization, no strategy, small budget, or 10 other small things that could have a huge impact on your business but instead of scrapping your business idea. Start from square one and retrace your steps seeing if you can pinpoint where things might have turned left BUT DON'T QUIT! Failure is just a word and it really only becomes real when you accept it.

4. Do your research

Should be self explanatory(stares at screen)but sadly it's not and most times it's because of developing minds processing what they see other companies do and believing it's easy. haha..It's not, Every company is different in one way or another and even if some seem like carbon copies product differences, locations, overheads, scale can really make a difference in what you (think you see) and whats behind those fancy websites and SM posts so please please please do your research on product costs, manufacturing, packaging, scale, employees, monthly payments, vendors, if your business can be digital, competitors, online marketing success of similar businesses ANYTHING you can find out about your business will help you figure out how present it to the world better.

5. Teamwork

Let's keep this short and sweet, GET A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST. People that have similar goals in mind and are not afraid to get dirty! By getting dirty we mean people that are willing to work super hard to achieve those goals/tasks they are given in your business. It takes a village to raise your business to new heights so don't be afraid to appoint people to positions where their talents can shine and move out of there way so they can do their part while you do yours!

6. Get active / reach out

You got your business, your teams in place, and you're ready for big business but... where are the customers? See the internet only works a certain way in peoples heads actually when you set up your new physical or online business it's gonna take A LOT of canvasing, calling, creating new ides, emails, campaigning, building new relationships, meetings, SM posts just to get a few sales! So get out there and remember even if it is 2020 word of mouth is still the strongest form of marketing so get connected with your surroundings, get your community involved, then put those amazing ideas in play to start building that connection to your base.

7. Stay Consistent

Just like anything else when you stop doing it then you risk getting a little rusty. Same exact thing online. Consistency is key when running and advertising your business, You have to make sure your product is on time and consistent so why wouldn't you do the same for your online presence? Don't be silly YOU WOULD and nothing truly sucks more than inconsistency stagnating your results so don't let that become an issue.

8. Know your worth

Tricky one because EVERYONE wants to be paid their worth and why not? You work hard so you deserve it and we definitely get that but be realistic and fair. Realistic because with doing your research and coming up with real financial goals are going to put yourself in real position for real results or responses. Be fair because not all money is good money especially if it is built on bad business so BUILD YOUR WORTH with your work or product and don't put yourself in any situations where you will lose money or face.. Both could cost you a business.

9. Don't be afraid to grow with the business

Growth is great! It could mean so many things for you even if it's a little scary because you've never been that far, or hit such a big audience. Deep breathe, relax... now Go for it, change it up, rebrand, hire new employees, change your menu up, whatever you have to do to take your business to the next level then LEVEL UP! You'll thank us later ;)

10. Have fun

That's right we said it. Have fun, doesn't seem like professional advice but when you really think about it. If you're not having fun doing it then What's the point? Not too many things are worst in business than sacrifice. You can trade time for clients, but those clients might not stay and you'll never get that time back. You can sacrifice your personal life for a business and the business could go under and once again you will never get that time back. We think that if you love what you do and have fun doing it than all the things on this blog list aren't really considered chores just reminders of how you can better get your passions out of your head and into the hearts of others that wanna share your vision.

Thank you for reading


P.S. We know this isn't an exact guide to what you could potentially face as business owners but a few tips never hurt!

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